Valentines-Glossy Red 

​February  month of love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love and many people exchange cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner. They may also arrange a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel. Common symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts, red roses and Cupid. Valentines is not only for love partners but can also be celebrated among family members, friends, animals and all you feel love with.

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday. Government offices, stores, schools and other organizations are open as usual. Public transit systems run on their regular schedule. Restaurants may be busier than usual. Then comes the history behind why we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine . The Valentines honored on February 14 are Valentine of Rome (Valentinus). Valentine of Rome was a priest in Rome who was martyred in 269 and was added to the calendar of saints by Pope Galesius in 496. There were number of Saints called Valentine who were honored on February 14. The day became associated with romantic love in the Middle Ages in England. This may have followed on from the Pagan fertility festivals that were held all over Europe as the winter came to an end. Traditionally, lovers exchanged hand written notes. The most common Valentine’s Day symbols are the heart, particularly in reds and pinks, and pictures of Cupid. Cupid is usually portrayed as a small winged figure with a bow and arrow. In mythology, he uses his arrow to strike the hearts of people. People who have fallen in love are sometimes said to be ‘struck by Cupid’s arrow. Other symbols of Valentine’s Day are couples in loving embraces and the gifts of flowers, chocolate, red roses often give each other. 

Valentine’s Day is mentioned ruefully in English nursery  rhymes :


The rose is red, the violet’s blue, The honey’s sweet, and so are you. Thou art my love and I am thine; I drew thee to my Valentines The lot was cast and then I drew, And Fortune said it shou’d be you.
Express, share, enjoy  all in this season. Some would spent their time with their valentines and some with friends, family. This is just a way a day we celebrate to openly share our feelings.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Share in comments your valentines experience,  about your love stories. As this day has a lot in history to know about so does your stories “your present or past”……. 

Time and future 

This is something from after reading the headlights from PM’s MANN KI BAAT.   

He spoked about treat examination as a “FESTIVAL.” Students are advised to take their each and every exam as they are enjoying writing  it. Not as a stress or burden but just as a part of a process of completion in which ever field they are.  This is good for competitive aspects if students really do so. To crack difficult exams it will become easy.  By this you will get to see every student as an officer, a head etc. just next door to you.  Why he called it a festival not just to employ that exams are for fun and enjoyment but his far sighted thoughts behind saying this.  His thoughts that :-

  • Exams are just for evaluation. This will let you evaluate yourself among other participant. 
  • These are to be taken stress free and successfully
  • Parents play a vital role for motivating their children.  They need to create an environment which let their children open up, feel free to communicate and get happy for the place they live in. 
  • Relaxation is best way for motivation
  • During studies hours it’s also that take a break for sometimes it will help to free your mind. 
  • Increase your concentration through meditation. This is practicised since ancient times and it helps with proven facts. 
  • Practice makes a man perfect.  

 These points are just to do by every students this helps to score good and perform good. Instead but what actually happens most generation nowadays go for shortcuts.  But tell do these shortcuts really going to help. These might provide short term goals and you become successful but for long term it’s harming you and some norms.  When you don’t find a success what you do?  

Few answer it quickly.  I mean answer is

  1.  positive
  2.  negative 

What positivity we usually feel and try to do after being unsuccessful,  it is, we find an alternate way to complete our task or we work on the same properly till atmost perfection. 

But do this really happen nope.  What we prefer is a shortcut.  Shortcut way to do our work which don’t require any hard and fast rule.  The one most easy and simple we prefer. This what we do during exams time to we don’t study well but to score good we search for a way.  That way is cheating. Cheating is not good. Better plan it good and do it good. It’s not beneficial too, you must not resort it. 

How to relate  it (examination as festival) in daily life? This what comes next.  So easy way is mind. Set up your mind what you want to achieve and how you want it.  Be it your choice for postive or negative. This is just to provide a little view how things are rolling in simple words. You decide what is good now because I am not talking about me but it is about you so. So don’t take exams as a the only benchmark for your success show your creativity, excellence in every field. Your marksheet will itself follow with good grades. So be it for whole life P as Pressure or Pleasure, Play, Prepare.  Continuing this there are number of examples I can quote for motivation but that’s not require now we are much now.  Be the example to others,  make yourself a person where others give examples of your success. You will definitely like to live and enjoy this life. 

This is not a baggage to you if you like it follow it, if not then don’t. 

Ek Dophar

Scrolling down YouTube videos,  a short story featuring Gauhar Khan.  Left me mesmerized. 

Life is really short you never know what happens when. It’s always said and adviced to follow  –  that live every moment of life,  make memories, life you see is so alluring. Why things then go wrong for one and best for other?  This just how we see it.  But it isn’t so everyone has their own place and value.  It’s just the matter how one see himself in any situation.  Whether he stay positive or loose heart.  You or everyone else just need to see that spark which lies within you. Because no one can better understand you than yourself. You are your own creator or destroyer. 

Just see next to you

This how just one afternoon changed my perspective of looking to a life.  We all are having friends irrespective of the fact to which age group we lie.  Whom we call friends, with whom we can share, laugh, stay, live, enjoy and what not. From my just previous text it’s clear when we talk about friends first thing that strikes our mind we call them friends, with them we share- share our life’s, talk…….  Nevertheless this is only possible because of  ❤️ we share.                                                                   She went out with a friend, for the first time day out plan. He know not much about her neither did she. They met, went to a beautiful place had a little conversation and more of walk. Visited a small restaurant, because it’s food time now. Ordered a lot but couldn’t eat all. As she noticed the expression of friends –  anger, confused. Unaware of the fact and cause behind it. You might be wondering why all this                    so story behind                      that afternoon she recovered.  Unknowingly he pointed out to the things which initially she didn’t like but later she realized for her things were different.  She always thought why they will point out for good, how it will benefit them.  So friendship is not about pros and cons. It is just a strong bond which let you live. 

This is life.  Small, not a complete story but just little incidence (wo ek dophar)  let her change her mind for viewing the world differently. I am sure you all must have come up or experienced these small things with you. Analyse it your life is just rolling around you, then why you are searching it here and there. Just sit and see it is just next to you and smile. 😊😊😊 

I always say, be it be my motto for life “Smile as long as you can” 


Recently scrolling down the YouTube videos I come across the “I heart me” video by Alia Bhatt featuring no matter what happens you are best, best in your ways, best in your field, best in you. That’s it I heart me.                                         link

The same I faced recently for believing not being loved for whom I am. Instead i was being potrait for what I am not. This lead me to frustration, anxiety, disappointment, anger and negative clouds. My life from delightful environment flashed to black and white picture. Why this need to be mentioned: it’s for, letting you know these all are elements which you need to keep away from you though you have to live in it. But to make it worth living for yourself to live with this but not on these aspects.

Okay what in this generation happens work load, busy schedule, priorities etc… This leads to breakage of bonds, less affectionate, loneliness. People start judging you from this very point. But do these judgements really matters?   “NO”     No because these people out there are not going to be you. They dont feel same as you do, they dont think alike, they dont see life as you do. They will just make judgement. Who is going to affect “YOU”. OH really! But who gave them the power to speak and let you effect. It’s “YOU”. So you see its all about you. How are you going to take it, how important is your life to you then working on the flaws which are being judged. You only know what’s going around, how you are dealing daily, how you live your life. Just dont let minute judgement let you decide your life.


jesuThis is for we all at some point feel insecurities and feel like we dont suit here. We are not good enough. But loving yourself is much more beautiful then expected to be loved. Loving yourself will let you feel more fresh, confident, a different way to see life and its processes. Its way more beautiful to see yourself smiling. Its you who win inside. As its said live your life to fullest as you have just one to live.